Heritage Lottery Award

St Martin's Herne PCC thanks the Heritage Lottery Fund for the grant of £312,000 in aid of Phase 1 of St Martin's Restoration.  We have received permission to start the project which will start in May 2016 lasting to the end of March 2017

We are also in receipt a second HLF grant of £327,000 supporting the development and delivery of the 2nd Phase of St Martin's Restoration  and installation of a mains drainage toilet

EH Survey
English Heritage Survey

English Heritage visited St Martins on 15th January 2015 attended by our Vicar Rev Elaine Richardson and Architect Rena Pitsilli Graham and reported back the following concerns

Generally there are serious defects to the walls of the Church, which is particularly bad to the tower and west elevation, the most exposed part.  There is internal rain penetration, pointing and stone replacement is required in many areas.  Some of the stonework is pontentially dangerous and is at risk of falling. Plant growth has also caused further damage, but has been recently removed. The surrounding churchyard boggy and the rainwater disposal adds to this.  The turrent roof is leaking on to the tower stair and causing damage.   There is a mast fited to the tower roof, whose fittings are impeding the correct funcioning of the lead roof.  There is poor access out onto the main roofs.  There is much further work to carry out to this important building, but the tower and west elevation are of the highest priority.

Newssheet 11/01/2016
Latest News

Restoration Project Update for 11/01/16.

Completion of ‘Development’ phase.

We are now in a position to send off the completion report for this phase and to claim from the HLF any outstanding costs that we have incurred up to £4,200. We have under spent substantially to date and so we do not expect to need any of our own funds to complete this phase of the work.

Starting the ‘Delivery’ phase.

We are also almost ready to submit the paperwork needed by HLF without which they will not allow us to go ahead with the ‘Delivery’ phase. Given their administrative lead time, we expect to be able to start the actual work on the building by the beginning of April.

Our chosen contractor, B W May of Sittingbourne, is aware that we intend placing the contract with them and they understand that we cannot proceed formally until we have secured the phase 2 funding from HLF. They estimate that the work will take some six months.

We have obtained further clarification from HLF on their funding rules and we now understand that the VAT element of any Church building related invoices, including professional fees, can be included in our HLF grant despite our being able to claim the same VAT back from the Listed Places of Worship (LPW) scheme. We have already successfully made one such claim on LPW funds. The implication of this is that we do not expect any of our own funds to be required to complete this year’s planned work beyond a possible short term loan of £2-3,000 in the Autumn. In this context, it will be important for our architect, Rena, to carry out her promise to register for VAT early this year.

The Outreach Programme.

As reported to you last month, we have three major events planned for 2016. The Photographic Competition is to be held during our Patronal Festival culminating with judging on Sunday, July 3rd. We have already acquired some additional display stands and there is £4000 of our HLF budget allocated for Outreach expenses.

The Open Weekend is planned for July 16/17th. We have already invited Bishop Trevor to attend and we plan to ask the Mayor as well in the hope that they will declare the occasion ‘Open’ jointly. The idea is to project the Church as a general community resource, not just a place of worship. Comments please.

The events to mark the centenary of Capt. William Woollett’s death during the Battle of the Somme will be held on September 16th. It would be nice if we could track down any relatives. Suggestions please.

A number of local organisations have been contacted to drum up interest in the above events with only Herne Junior School showing any real enthusiasm. Among those not replying to e-mails have been Herne Infants, Herne Bay High and Briary School. If anyone has personal links with these that can be exploited, please let us know.

Other Fundraising.

Strenuous efforts in this direction have resulted in a number of favourable responses but no actual money yet. Keith has the details.

Flushing Toilet.

Following a site meeting in November, Ian Dodd stated that a Faculty for the above would not be required but that he needed a drawing of the proposed work to be produced. This is in hand and has been promised by today, having been held up because Southern Water appeared not to know the depth of the sewer in the road outside. This information is now available and the drawing is expected imminently, hopefully before our meeting.


The Restoration Committee. Nigel, Susan, Keith and John.

Newssheet 11/02/2016
Restoration Report to APCM
Restoration Report 30/04/2016
Restoration Report 05/02/2017
HLF Award Details
The HLF Award

St Martin's PCC is pleased to announce that St Martin's church has received initial support with "a first-round pass" of up to £286,500, which represents 80% of total project  costs of £358,900  from the Heritage Lottery Fund for the conservation, restoration and repair of the exterior stonework which has been an increasing concern for many years and for the implementation of a heritage activity programme. This includes a development grant of up to £42,200(75% of the total eligible development work cost of £55,800)which will enable the Parochial Church Council to apply for the full grant in 2016, based on the specification developed, with fully costed estimates.

This is phase one of the total project that will cost in the region of £1,000,000 at current prices and will take a number of years to complete

First-round pass 

first-round pass means the project meets HLF criteria for funding and HLF believes the project has potential to deliver high-quality benefits and value for Lottery money. The application was in competition with other supportable projects, so a first-round pass is an endorsement of outline proposals. Having been awarded a first-round pass, the project now has up to two years to submit fully developed proposals for consideration for a firm award. 

Other Funding Received

Friends of Kent Churches
Friends of Kent  Churches
We are very grateful for the award of £10000 The Friends of Kent Churches in support of the urgent repairs needed to the Tower and West Gable of St Martins Church and a second grant of £5000 to the preparative work of a main drainage toiled
AllChurches Trust
Jill Franklin Trust
The Marshall's Charity

Community Events

No events

Latest News --- HLF awards St Martins a First Pass of £327,000 for Phase 2 of our restoration ,-----"

Latest Project News --- A recent inspection of the West and Tower windows has shown that they are in urgent need of Restoration. HLF is allowing us to use the project contingency money to carry out the repair. Should be complete by January 2017 -----